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A lot of people say they don’t like door-to-door sales and say, “It’s good money but the job sucks”, but, I honestly love the job. I think it’s really fun, challenging, unique and something different. You actually get paid for what you put in, you get paid for your value.

His goal for year two was 300, but he ended up getting 650 accounts himself.

Don’t watch any addictive shows since you get super excited to get home and watch while you’re out selling. You have to be focused. You have to give it all. It’s not wise to distract yourself with frivolous things. When it’s dark instead of pushing through and digging in, it’s easier to go home and get back to your TV show or game.

Brigham had the number two team in the company first year managing. In the pest control industry a lot of managers have the goal of selling around 600 accounts per year. Brigham just wanted to do his best leading his team and not put boundaries or limits on what they could do. While training his team, he realized that doing your best is way more important than focusing on numbers. He crushed 600 and was getting 1000’s.

Recruiting the right team is very important to this job. Once he had the right team, everything just exploded. The industry average is 100 accounts per rep, per summer. Brigham’s team were averaging 335 per rep. Attributing most all of the credit to his team, Brigham expresses pure gratitude for the right guys on his team. “It is a win/win when we all work hard. When you have the right Chemistry, it’s amazing the things you can accomplish.”

Instead of focusing his time on recruiting anyone and anywhere he shifted his recruiting to quality people instead of quantity. He asks himself specific questions to determine if they are a good fit for his team such as: What are their grades like? How do they treat themselves and other people? How organized are they? How do they communicate with other people? He actually takes guys fishing at a bad fishing spot to see how easily they give up.

Brigham’s number one priority is that his team’s goals/success come before his success. He doesn’t feel good if his team isn’t successful.

It is so easy to be in daily/weekly meetings with other good soldiers. Knowing that they are all working their best and helping each other reach their goals makes a world of difference. “We get jacked up and go crazy. It’s not all serious nor yelling and screaming.” Brigham and his team feed off of the competition and being surrounded in the friendly, competitive atmosphere.

Personalizing incentives is a great way to help reps tick. Figuring out what works for each person is so important in how you motivate them. Brigham lets loose a little around his team and becomes vulnerable showing them that it is hard for everyone. There are days that he doesn’t get a sale and it is really hard. If it is 6 or 7pm and you have no sales, the only thing you can do is refresh and relax. Know that you have done it before and can do it again and start again.

Getting into a routine is key. As most top reps know, having a special routine or lucky hat is important. Brigham has to have his Chick-fil-a and powerade to start the day out right, or things don’t go as smooth.

On the doorstep, you have to be genuine, a real person, not a robot. For Brigham he makes it light and fun. Breaking the ice by cracking jokes is his key. Some reps don’t do well with jokes and making it light, but that is how he does it. You have to figure out what works for you.

“Keeping up with the Jones’” is the best close for him. People don’t want to be the only one on the block that is buying the service you’re offering. Drop names of neighbors who have also bought and give them a little extra discount or something with a wink to close the sale.

Top Advice For New Reps:

  1. Train Train Train!

  2. Set your Expectations the right way and then build off of that. Don’t go out there the first day and expect to sell 10 but don’t be surprised if you sell 10 the first day.

  3. Just do your best.

  4. Constantly build off a strong foundation. Memorize word for word the pitch and go off of that and make it your own.

  5. Copy successful guys. If you copy the successful guys you will have similar results. Copy how they do everything.

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